The Clean-up Process after a Roof Installation

One of the most important aspects of any roofing job is the clean-up process. As with any construction project there is always going to be debris of some sort to clean up and remove from the project site. Prior to every installation, our primary focus is protecting all the landscaping around the entire home. With the prestigious details of home landscaping these days, protecting their delicacies can be tricky and quite an involved process. In the past we have used plywood to protect the ground and flower beds from falling debris, as well as hanging tarps from the roof in order to funnel all the debris into one specific location.

Once the installation has been completed and all the major debris has been removed from the site, we will use mechanical equipment such as blowers to clear any remaining excess debris from the roof, gutters, ground, and landscaping areas. This includes blowing away from porches and patios potential debris that has strayed away from the tarps and plywood. Finally, we like to comb the entire lot of the home including all landscaping areas with a magnet to pick up all nails and other hazardous metal objects from the site. Our goal is to leave the premises the way that it was before the roofing project was started, if not better. If our customers do not notice anything on the ground or in the gutter than we know we have successfully completed the project.

Protecting the home and the landscaping is the key to an excellent roof installation!


Importance of Chimney Tops

Have you noticed that there is too much or too little draft coming through your chimney flue?  Has there been an increase in your energy bills due to a drafty chimney?  Maybe, you have found water damage around the path of your chimney?  If so, than you may consider installing a chimney top or cap.  Chimney caps are an inexpensive guard against many problems that might occur in relation to owning a chimney.Chimney Top

 Standard caps are made from a number of different materials and serve multiple functions.  Theses materials include steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.  Most models feature side screening which keeps most birds and small animals out of the chimney.   Some people use a chimney for a gas fireplace or a wood fireplace, some for a wood-burning stove.  A chimney top serves as an access point to oxygen, protection from uncontrollable elements such as rain and wind, and a way to keep unwanted visitors out of the chimney flue.

 Overtime, the chimney tops on your home may gradually form rust depending on the type of metal that was used during installation.  This rust has the potential of running down the chase and leading to imperfections in your chimney as well as your roof.  With over 25 years experience providing quality installation of architectural metals, Showalter Roofing and their trained staff of professionals can install a quality chimney top to your home.