The Power of the Wind

With all of the wind within the past couple days it sure has  created a mess. Not only are large branches all over the front and back yards, but so are shingles from the roof.

Damaged Roof from Wind

Damaged Roof from Wind

High winds have a way of getting underneath the shingles. With consistent high winds as we’ve experienced the past  couple of days, it quickly loosens and flies off the roof top. Many times debris from trees and other foliage can be blown on the roof also causing damage to the roof.

If you find one or more shingles on the ground, get a Showalter roofer to your home to  repair the damage. We’ll fix the blown off shingle and check for additional loose and   missing shingles. We’ll be sure your roof is safe and secure going into the winter season.

Call today 630.499.7700.



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