About Dale

Dale & Kim

Dale & Kim

I’m Dale Showalter, president of Showalter Roofing in Naperville, IL.

I started the company in 1979 working all of my life in the roofing business. Now at the age of 58, I’m proud of what the company represents. Many of the workers and division leaders have been working with me for many years, and some from the very beginning. Now the challenge for me is to pass the values on which we were founded to the next generation.

In a world where our moral compass is wavering, I want to do my part in holding up the value of serving others. We preach it every chance we get and practice daily the core values of Customer Service, Integrity, Teamwork, and Excellence. “Rising to great heights to serve you” is not meant to be just our slogan, but a lifestyle.

Not only am I involved with Showalter Roofing, but I am also a husband of 37 years, married to my college sweetheart Kim. Our two children are now grown with their own families, and we are now enjoying the revenge of parenthood and joy of grandparenthood: Grandkids! It’s so much more fun watching them grow and develop their own little personalities and then give them back at the end of the day!

I enjoy being a Worship Leader at the chruch I have attended for 36 year. Kim and I are board members of the Missionary Furlough Homes Foundation which provides affordable housing for missionaries who return to the states after several years in another country. In need of rest, these families can open their suitcase and begin “living” as all they need is provided, including great schools for their children.

There is much more to tell but also much more to be written. I hope you will be part of that story.


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