Repairing the Roof in the Cold Weather

We have so far experienced the elements of winter…except for the snow. Never fear, we live in Chicago, you can be sure it will arrive.

However, many companies each year question if roof repairs can be done in the winter…or with snow on the roof. The answer is yes. Dale Showalter of Showalter Roofing Services discusses our process for fixing leaks in the winter.


Condensation Build Up: Is it a roofing or humidity Issue?

Each year, Showalter Roofing receives numerous calls for condensation problems. Many times after we visit the home and inspect the attic, we find it to be a humidity issue.

When temperatures plummet as typical Chicago weather proves each year, homeowners begin to notice moisture in the attic. Most times it’s due to the humidifiers directly installed on furnaces. If the humidity level on the inside…is above the level on the outside, condensation builds in our attics.

Take a trip up to your attic early in the morning. If you see a layer of frost on the underside of the plywood, it’s most likely condensation.  As the outside temperature rises this frost will melt and water spots may occur on your ceiling.

If you notice moisture confined to a specific area of the roof decking, that’s most likely going to be a roofing problem. Call Showalter Roofing at  630.499.7700  to conduct a complete evaluation to verify a roofing issue.

Here are the Top 3 Ways Homeowners Can Combat Condensation Issues:

  1. Turn the humidifier down on your furnace especially when it’s really cold outside. It doesn’t seem logical, however the furnace is turning on more frequently causing an increase of humidity in the air. To see a chart for setting your humidistat go to:
  2. Check your clothes dryer.  Your dryer may not be hooked up properly. If warm moist air is getting into your home from the clothes dryer, it will end up in the attic.
  3. Check if your bathroom fan is connected properly. If there is a problem, the warm moist air will quickly reach the attic.

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Types of Roofing Systems

As budgets continue to be a concern, and justifications need to be made, we wanted to help in your decision making process by explaining the roofing systems available to you by Showalter Roofing. We’ve chosen these systems as they are the most reliable and long lasting systems found in the industry today.

TPO Roof

TPO Roof




Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single-ply roofing system that can be fully adhered, mechanically fastened or  ballasted. The white TPO  material helps to reduce the heat

in the building and is many times the popular choice for ‘Green’ or energy efficient buildings.

Metal Roof

Metal Roof




Metal roofing systems are increasing in popularity due to their durability and long     lasting wear. It is a larger cost upfront, but lasts the longest from all roofing systems out there.


Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen Roof



Modified Bitumen


Modified Bitumen is asphalt based that has modifiers added to give it a plastic or rubber like finish. It is a durable roofing system that has a very long track record. It has either an aluminum coated or granulated surface.

What makes the roofing system last is the maintenance. By caring for the roof, you extend the life of the roofing system. The cost to maintain it continues to be cheaper and more cost effective than an early replacement. Roofs are easily forgotten, but if a leak in the roof begins, damage on the inside is inevitable.



Showalter Roofing Expands Residential Services, 3 Sales

Officials from Showalter Roofing Services announced Jason Mayes, Luis Trejo and Jeff Rosier as the company’s new residential sales consultants covering the Chicago and Chicagoland area.

The new representatives brings a wealth of roofing knowledge as all three have first hand experience installing roofing systems.

“Jason and Louis are long time employees of Showalter Roofing and have proven their abilities, knowledge and have fully embraced the Showalter ‘7 Reasons’” said Dale Showalter, president of Showalter Roofing. “Jeff enhances our team with practical experience and long time installation experience. They all have seen a variety of situations and are able to help identify solutions that are most optimal for our customers.”

Hard to Find Leaks? Look Where It Has Had to Travel.

A large junior high school had experienced numerous leaks. Leaks are always a challenge as water can travel a distance before finding a place to enter the building. For this junior high school, the difficulty level was high.

Roofing before and after

Roofing before and after


Over the years, the school had done its best to maintain a solid roofing system. This time, they needed a new roofing system. During our evaluation, we found that the school had 2 roofing systems, both were gravel based. This was one of the primary reasons why leaks were hard to find. In addition, the school needed to be in State code using an R20 or R30 insulation.


Showalter removed both gravel roofing systems, stripping it down to its deck. We placed proper insulation that met State regulations and sealed it with a TPO roofing system known for its longevity and energy efficiency.



The three year program is designed to develop future roofing manager into the industry’s leaders of tomorrow.

Naperville, IL, Showalter Roofing today announced Paul Showalter’s successful completion of the NRCA’s

Paul Showalter Graduates from NRCA, FEI

Paul Showalter Graduates from NRCA, FEI

three year leadership program offered by the Future Executives Institute (FEI) focusing on business and personal development. The 30 graduates are taught by Northwestern University professors, respected industry leaders and field experts passing on vital knowledge that works to bring the roofing industry forward.


“The leadership program is critical for the continued quality and success of Showalter Roofing,” said Dale Showalter, president of Showalter Roofing. “The company will one day need the vision and skills to take the company forward in growth and support of its customers.” Since 1977, Showalter Roofing has grown to become a leading roofing contractor for residential and commercial roofing systems. The Company follows its core principals and it  is reinforced by feedback from customers to OSHA certified safety training and more. The 7 Reasons can be found at

Special Sheet Metal Focus

Sheet metal roofing systems are growing in popularity for both commercial and industrial buildings as well as homes and townhomes.

The popularity is due to the long lasting wear, clean appearance and little to low maintenance. However,

Metal Roof

Metal Roof

not everyone can install a sheet metal roofing system correctly. Showalter has the experience and knowledgeable team to recommend and install the right roofing system.

Showalter installed a roofing system at a home in the western suburbs of Chicago. We’ve had an opportunity to speak with him and give us his perspective on the experience.

Q: What made you choose a sheet metal roofing system?

Dan – Before we decided upon a sheet metal  roofing system, we considered a standard flat roof and TPO solution. When we compared the roofing systems, we found that even though the sheet metal cost more in the short term, the durability, longevity and saving on our cooling bills in the long run quickly justified the investment. We are also environmentally conscientious and are proud that the metal roof we chose is Energy Star rated, is partially made of recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.