Here we go again! Strong Storms Passing Thru. What about my chimney?

Strong storms are back again. Here we thought it was going to be strong storms over the weekend from the hurricane and it turned out to be not so bad. However, today can be a different issue. I think you’ve read enough about debris and leaks, this time let’s talk about your chimney.

Chimney’s are a common fixture in our homes. When high winds cause the rain to go horizontally instead of vertically, it becomes a perfect entry point to our chimneys. Watch for water dripping down. You may hear a dripping sound or see a puddle of water inside your fireplace. Quite unpleasant to clean.

Water can also make its way in if the mortar is weak or if the step flashing isn’t firm and in place. This fall, be sure to have your roof checked as Showalter always checks the chimney for problems. It’s a common problem many homeowners experience and don’t realize the damage it can cause.
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Condensation Build Up: Is it a roofing or humidity Issue?

Each year, Showalter Roofing receives numerous calls for condensation problems. Many times after we visit the home and inspect the attic, we find it to be a humidity issue.

When temperatures plummet as typical Chicago weather proves each year, homeowners begin to notice moisture in the attic. Most times it’s due to the humidifiers directly installed on furnaces. If the humidity level on the inside…is above the level on the outside, condensation builds in our attics.

Take a trip up to your attic early in the morning. If you see a layer of frost on the underside of the plywood, it’s most likely condensation.  As the outside temperature rises this frost will melt and water spots may occur on your ceiling.

If you notice moisture confined to a specific area of the roof decking, that’s most likely going to be a roofing problem. Call Showalter Roofing at  630.499.7700  to conduct a complete evaluation to verify a roofing issue.

Here are the Top 3 Ways Homeowners Can Combat Condensation Issues:

  1. Turn the humidifier down on your furnace especially when it’s really cold outside. It doesn’t seem logical, however the furnace is turning on more frequently causing an increase of humidity in the air. To see a chart for setting your humidistat go to:
  2. Check your clothes dryer.  Your dryer may not be hooked up properly. If warm moist air is getting into your home from the clothes dryer, it will end up in the attic.
  3. Check if your bathroom fan is connected properly. If there is a problem, the warm moist air will quickly reach the attic.

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Preparing Your Roof for the Fall

Roof clean up for the fall can help you save unwanted repairs in the spring. Showalter Roofing will share with you what tasks need to be completed in the fall including leaf build up, ice damming, moisture collection, vents, animals and more! When done, be sure to call Showalter Roofing for our Fall Early Bird Special $100.

Services include:

  • Clean Debris from Roof
  • Inspect Vents for debris and animals
  • Inspect Roof
  • Clean gutters $1.00 per foot extra

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Architectural Sheet Metal at Showalter Roofing

The architectural sheet metal division at Showalter Roofing exhibits how computerized sheet metal is cut and bent great speed and precision.

Gutters and Downspouts Cut and Bent by Showalter Sheet Metal Division

Dale Showalter explains the details of cutting and bending gutters, elbows and sheet metal to create perfectly shaped metal for homes and businesses.

Architectural Sheet Metal

Showalter Roofing has a Sheet Metal Division? We can create copper bay window, repair chimney systems to gutters. Watch as Shawn, Director of Sheet Metal Division creates a box style gutter. You’ll be able to appreciate the artistry of this wonderful craft.

The Clean-up Process after a Roof Installation

One of the most important aspects of any roofing job is the clean-up process. As with any construction project there is always going to be debris of some sort to clean up and remove from the project site. Prior to every installation, our primary focus is protecting all the landscaping around the entire home. With the prestigious details of home landscaping these days, protecting their delicacies can be tricky and quite an involved process. In the past we have used plywood to protect the ground and flower beds from falling debris, as well as hanging tarps from the roof in order to funnel all the debris into one specific location.

Once the installation has been completed and all the major debris has been removed from the site, we will use mechanical equipment such as blowers to clear any remaining excess debris from the roof, gutters, ground, and landscaping areas. This includes blowing away from porches and patios potential debris that has strayed away from the tarps and plywood. Finally, we like to comb the entire lot of the home including all landscaping areas with a magnet to pick up all nails and other hazardous metal objects from the site. Our goal is to leave the premises the way that it was before the roofing project was started, if not better. If our customers do not notice anything on the ground or in the gutter than we know we have successfully completed the project.

Protecting the home and the landscaping is the key to an excellent roof installation!