Here we go again! Strong Storms Passing Thru. What about my chimney?

Strong storms are back again. Here we thought it was going to be strong storms over the weekend from the hurricane and it turned out to be not so bad. However, today can be a different issue. I think you’ve read enough about debris and leaks, this time let’s talk about your chimney.

Chimney’s are a common fixture in our homes. When high winds cause the rain to go horizontally instead of vertically, it becomes a perfect entry point to our chimneys. Watch for water dripping down. You may hear a dripping sound or see a puddle of water inside your fireplace. Quite unpleasant to clean.

Water can also make its way in if the mortar is weak or if the step flashing isn’t firm and in place. This fall, be sure to have your roof checked as Showalter always checks the chimney for problems. It’s a common problem many homeowners experience and don’t realize the damage it can cause.
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Spring Roof Tune-Up

An Interview with Ty Thiel, Director of Residential Roofing

Q: Ty, Showalter is offering a service called the ‘Spring Tune Up’.  What is the service?

A:  Showalter developed the cost effective program so homeowners can be proactive in keeping a healthy roof. It allows us the opportunity to inspect the roofing system and point out and repair

Maintain Your Roof

Maintain Your Roof

potential problems before they occur.

Q: What is included in the Spring Tune Up?

A:  When we inspect the entire roof, we’re searching for the following:

  • Missing or loose shingles
  • Deteriorated caulking
  • Soft spots on the roof deck
  • Rusted or deteriorated flashing

We also inspect the bricks and mortar on and around the chimney. This can be a serious issue is not caught early.

Q: If you find these issues, do you fix it right away?

A: Yes, if it’s maintenance issues we need to care for, we do it right away. If a situation has grown into a problem, we’ll present the facts and proof to the homeowner.

Q: Some homeowners like to purchase their own shingles.  Is that an issue?

A: No, we’ll work with your materials.

Q: How much does a Spring Tune Up Cost?

A: It is only $300 and includes replacement up to one bundle of shingles.

Q: How do we get started?

A:  Call our office at 630.499.7700 and ask for the Spring Roof Tune Up. It’s a great way to ensure the safety and security of your home after a long winter.

Don’t forget…Chimney’s are Part of Your Home too!

Homeowners tend to maintain only what can be easily seen. It’s not until a problem develops do we realize there’s a roof on the house. What can be even worst is the lack of attention given to a chimney.

There are different types of chimneys on roofing systems.  I thought I’d focus more on the more common brick chimney.

Completed Chimney with Cut Mortar Joints

Completed Chimney with Cut Mortar Joints

Brick chimneys are an important part of your home maintenance due to the moisture and condensation brought out by the heat and air conditioning from the inside and the heat and cold temperatures from the outside.

The brick chimney has a metal counterflashing installed at the base of the chimney for protection. If the counterflashing is not cut into the mortar joint the caulking will loosen and moisture will make its way inside of the building. If the flashing is not constructed of aluminum, painted steel or galvanized steel, over time it will rust. If you’ve ever touched rust, the orange color steel particles end up on your fingers. Ultimately, it will run down your roof and stain the shingles. That is an undesirable sight.

Showalter Roofing sprays the chimney with a seal coat or silicone so the chimney remains water resistant. Some bricks are more porous, and will absorb additional water than other bricks.  The chimney cap is made from concrete that too can break up over time.  If water gets its chance to get inside the chimney cap, the chimney will need to be tuckpointed or completely replaced. A costly issue.  There are coatings which protect against water penetration called Crown Coat, a great product that Showalter frequently uses.

This summer, be sure to look on top of the roof. Be sure to check your shingles and the chimney.