Here we go again! Strong Storms Passing Thru. What about my chimney?

Strong storms are back again. Here we thought it was going to be strong storms over the weekend from the hurricane and it turned out to be not so bad. However, today can be a different issue. I think you’ve read enough about debris and leaks, this time let’s talk about your chimney.

Chimney’s are a common fixture in our homes. When high winds cause the rain to go horizontally instead of vertically, it becomes a perfect entry point to our chimneys. Watch for water dripping down. You may hear a dripping sound or see a puddle of water inside your fireplace. Quite unpleasant to clean.

Water can also make its way in if the mortar is weak or if the step flashing isn’t firm and in place. This fall, be sure to have your roof checked as Showalter always checks the chimney for problems. It’s a common problem many homeowners experience and don’t realize the damage it can cause.
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Hurricane Isaac Begins Its Downpour on the South Suburbs Making It Journey North

Rain has finally made its way from the south offering us much needed rain. The south suburbs are projected to receive approximately 3″ while the northern suburbs will get about 1″ – 1.5″ of rain.

As the rain continues today and tomorrow, keep watch on your home for stains on the ceiling. Stains are the result of leaks in the roof. If we can catch the leak right away, then you can avoid costly damage done to the roofing system as well as your personal items on the inside. Also be sure to check for any missing shingles or wooden shakes. This will be an obvious place for rain water to enter. Remember, just because the rain enters in through one spot doesn’t mean the leak will be directly underneath. Water loves to travel! Be sure to check the entire house for stains as you never know where water might end up…even your skylights!

Next time, we’ll talk how water travels in our chimney’s.

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Strong Storms: Blown Off Commercial Roof

Summer storms with high winds, hail and heavy rain can cause extensive damage.

Commercial Roof Damage

Commercial Roof Damage

Large sections of the roof can come off exposing materials and the interior of the building.

To avoid damage, an inspection can identify weak areas saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. If we find loose materials, cracks or other weak areas, we’ll show you the issues and repair the problems before it gets out of control.

View for yourself the quality of workmanship for your dollars spent. Learn more about our commercial roofing solutions including repairs.

Repaired Commercial Roof

Repaired Commercial Roof


While is Down for Maintenance…

Maintenance is an essential part of any good roofing system…and website. If you need to contact us due to the bad weather today, we’re still here to help.


In the meantime, I thought this would be a great opportunity for you to view my blog and read a few articles. Because this is a blog and not a website, I go into more detail on subject matters such as ‘do it yourself’ checks on your roof.

There are many pictures on the site and if you click on the blogroll or websites, you’ll have plenty to view.

As you know, our new metal roofing division is well under way. Here is a vaulted barrel roof we just finished. What a great way to add beauty and value to your home. As soon as we make some improvements on our website you will be able to see many more examples of the creative work of our sheet metal “artists”.

Beauty for a Lifetime

Beauty for a Lifetime

Copper Barrel Roof

Copper Barrel Roof

A Do It Yourself Spring Tips for Checking Your Gutter and Roof

As I was getting ready to go to work, I noticed water running over the gutters and onto the sidewalk. It was obvious that I needed to clean out the gutters now that the spring rains have begun. Later that day, I went into the garage and got my ladder to climb up to the roof. Sure enough, there was plenty of debris such as leaves clogging up the gutters.

My check on the roof didn’t stop there. Before the water started to overflow,

Top 4 Spring Time Roof Check Up

Top 4 Spring Time Roof Check Up

the leaves and dirt had to go somewhere. As the leaves and dirt traveled down the gutter it found an opening…the down spout. At first, the down spout served its purpose by helping to direct the water off the roof and away from the house. However as more leaves and dirt began to build, it was too much at one time and clogged at the mouth of the down spout as well as accumulated inside of the down spout toward the base. So I cleaned the down spout and ensured there was no debris throughout.

While I was up on the ladder to the gutters and roof, I took the time to check if there was any damage done to the ends of the shingles or to the gutters. We’ve had plenty of heavy snow this year, it’s important to check that everything is in good working order.

Next I went to inspect the vents. Be sure they are not smashed and they are in good condition. This is very important to check. As the months continue to get hotter with summer soon approaching, you need to have proper ventilation.

I made my way to the power fans. I’m mostly checking if the motor is still running or if it burnt out. If it’s running properly, perfect, leave it alone. If it’s not running, then it needs to be replaced. This is not something I would recommend doing on your own.

Let someone from Showalter Roofing do it for you. You want to ensure it’s sealed properly so leaks don’t occur and that the motor is running efficiently.

Spring is in the Air and Winter is Left Over on the Roof

Welcome Spring!

It has been a long hard winter and it started early this year, so I am ready for sunshine and clear skies!  It’s the time when everything comes alive, when the deadness of winter springs up into new life. What once seemed dead is coming back to life with anticipation of beautiful colors and fragrant smells. aaaahhhh!  I know, you wonder about a roofer in Illinois who enjoys flowers. I grew up on a farm so working outdoors is in my blood and working the fields brings back fond memories. So had I not chosen roofing for a career path, landscaping was my backup plan. Either way, I enjoy working with my hands.

While spring begins tomorrow, so do the heavy rains. Before you have one big mess on the roof, take a moment to clean out your gutters, drains, and any debris left behind on the roof from winter. It’s true, you will have to do it again come summer, but to eliminate the debris will enable the water to flow away from the house and not settle in unwanted places. It is also a good idea to make sure the penetrations that come through your roof are secure. Sometimes chimney caps get loosened and caulking on chimneys and vents crack and come loose. Also make sure your vents are open and not smashed down from animals or the winter snows so that air can pass through and not block the ventilation system.